Nature is in decline. The climate is changing. Action needs to be taken.

We work with a range of partners to help the recovery of nature.

It is our firm belief that we need to reconnect with the natural world and take a holistic approach to integrating the needs of society alongside that of nature. It is our aim to build long-lasting relationships with clients who share our vision of a more sustainable and environmentally friendly world.

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Greenwood Ecology & Countryside Management is led by Pete Etheridge and comprises a team of specialist and trusted associates. We are all pragmatic ecologists and passionate conservationists. Learn about what makes us tick here.

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We offer a wide range of ecological services, ranging from surveys & assessments, through to conservation & land management advice, to practical countryside management & habitat creation. Read more about what we can offer here.

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We have worked on a wide range of projects across many different sectors on behalf of commercial developers, environmental & planning consultancies, local authorities and private landowners. Read about a selection of them here.

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