Rewilding is a term whose definition has evolved since its first widespread usage in North America during the 1980/90s. Originally rewilding referred to an environmental movement dedicated to restoring wildness, rather than just preserving that which had survived intensive human management. Today, especially here in the UK, rewilding is now used to describe a whole range of conservation projects ranging from designating large areas of publicly owned land & limiting human intervention, through to extensive grazing projects resulting in wilder land, like the Knepp Wildlands Project in Sussex. One thing they all have in common though is a severe reduction in, or cessation of, human management and, effectively, providing more opportunities for natural proceses & inter-species relationships to develop.

(Re)Wilding is a movement that Greenwood Ecology & Coountryside Management is experienced in and committed in helping to deliver where appropriate. With experience in environmental legislation/policy, developing species conservation projects and ecological monitoring, we are keen to connect with any landowners/managers who are interested in (re)wilding & discuss how we may be able to support your efforts.

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